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Position1 SEO are a provider of professional SEO services that are guaranteed to be white hat techniques. This means that they focus on growing your web presence organically, paying attention to not only your website but also your authority online to give it the maximum credibility. This involves submitting content to high-ranked sites, building a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and continually updating and monitoring them to build up a fan base, establishing quality links to reputable sites and getting involved with online conversations wherever possible. All of this takes a lot of time and effort and as such is something that you simply would not have time to do yourself as well as running your business. They have years of experience and are well up to date with current research, which we combine with the tried and tested methods they have built up over the years to make fool proof strategies.

Why we teamed up with Position 1 SEO

They Promise – 100% Guaranteed Results


As a long-standing and reputable white hat SEO firm, we operate a fair system for ensuring you see achievable and measurable results from the SEO work we carry out. Investing in our services means that, provided you comply with ALL our expert advice and the terms of our agreement with you, we underwrite your Google ranking improvements or we will work for free until you do.

The Google Ranking Improvements You Can Expect From Us

You’re working with us because you want your page to appear higher in the Google search engine rankings. At the same time, we know you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary changes. That’s why we tailor our recommendations and work on areas specifically relevant to each individual client and their website.

Our aim is to create demonstrable improvements over each six-week period of time:

  • From Unranked by Google to at least Page 10
  • Page 4 to 10 to Page 3
  • Page 3 to Page 2
  • Page 2 to Page 1
  • Page 1 position 7 to 10 to at least position 5 to 6
  • Page 1 position 5 or 6 to at least position 4
  • Page 1 position 2 to 4 up at least 1 position

However, as we often see rankings leap two or more stages in one six-week period, our guarantee is based on an OVERALL measurement over time, and we not automatically become responsible for improving to the next level within 6 weeks when we have moved up more than one level during the previous time.

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